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  • Pura-Gem 1stage filter 1/2inch (20.67mm) 60mm PP cartridge

This water filter has been especially designed to make use of drinking water which is slightly polluted by quick and easy means. The water filter is inexpensive and easy to assemble and handle. Simple to mount under the sink

As for quality and filter performance, it corresponds to those equipments that are offered considerably more expensive on the market.

The water filter is, depending on the used filter inserts, the best solution for almost all water impurities.

The offered water filter system is supplied with a 5µ sediment filter insert that removes reliably sand, rust, algae and other floating particles from the water.
Sediment filters are not washable and therefore must be replaced after 6 months respectively (DIN 1988)).
The water filter has neither a RO-Membrane (reverse osmosis) nor an ion exchanger.
This means the natural mineral content (which is vital to life) is to a large extent maintained and the water hardness is hardly affected.

Sediment filtration 5µ
Sediment particles like sand, algae and rust are removed.

A isolation tap will need to be installed before the water entry point to enable easy change of the filter

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Pura-Gem 1stage filter 1/2inch (20.67mm) 60mm PP cartridge

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