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  • Antifreeze and Inhibitor for Central Heating Systems 5L

Inhibited anti-freeze for central heating system

- Combined Anti-Freeze and Inhibitor.
- Reduces fuel consumption & risk of freezing.
- Protects all metals against corrosion.

Central Heating System Inhibited Anti-Freeze is a technically advanced combined formulation designed to protect your central heating system and radiators against corrosion and freezing in one easy to dose application. Central Heating System Inhibited Anti-Freeze offers lasting protection against sub-zero temperatures, corrosion and scale build-up. The formulation is Ideal for systems that remain vulnerable to low temperatures, while providing the same highly efficient corrosion inhibiting chemical technology of our other powerful inhibitor products. Central Heating System Inhibited Anti-Freeze will protect even the most complex of mixed metal systems against limescale, corrosion and frost. Like all of our chemical inhibitors, this product: ensures optimum boiler efficiency, prevents boiler noise, prevents pin-holing and helps to prevent the formation of debris, sludge and hydrogen gas.

Directions for use: To inhibit corrosion, scale, boiler noise and freezing Central Heating System Inhibited Anti-Freeze, for best results, system should be cleaned and flushed in accordance with BS7593:2019 using a suitable acidic or alkaline system cleanser.

Dose Rate: 20 litres of Central Heating System Inhibited Anti-Freeze is sufficient to treat a typical domestic central heating system of up to 10 radiators. This will provide the minimum concentration of corrosion and scale inhibitor and also protect from freezing down to approximately minus 6°C. For larger systems or better protection from freezing additional product will be required. Check system annually for pH 7 to 9. If pH falls below 7 add 1 litre of inhibitor to system to restore corrosion protection.

Dosing Instruction: - Open Vented systems: Dose through the fill and expansion system – sufficient water must be drained from the system to ensure that all of the product enters the circulating part of the system. Sealed Systems: If the system is empty add to any convenient point before filling: if full, dose through any convenient access point.


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Antifreeze and Inhibitor for Central Heating Systems 5L

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