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  • Cointra Optima COB-5B 5LTR LPG Water Heater Complete With Flue Kit

The popular Cointra Optima 5B water heater complete with a new flue kit

Non-pilot instant LPG water heater

Cointra Optima COB-5B

Power 8.9 Kw.

5.1 liters of water per minute.

Propane gas

Gas consumption 0.32 - 0.79 kg per hour.

Up to 65 degrees Celcius.

Minimum water pressure 0.6 bar.

Dimension 450 x 280 x 129 mm.

Automatic battery ignition.

Fitting Kit and Batteries Included

Weight 6 kg.

CE Approved

Made in Spain

Ideal Replacement for a Morco or Bosch 5 or 6L water heater.



The OPTIMA heaters without pilot light offers high performance on sizes unthinkable until today. Their small size allows them to fit at any space, no matter how small. This unit will replace a Morco D61 water heater. To fit as a direct replacement for a Morco D51 or D 61 you will need to fit the stand off brackets supplied to bring the Flue in line. Do not be put off by this as the benefits far out way the simple modification needed, bringing safety of no permanent flame, lower gas usage and far higher water temperature.

The reduced dimensions of the Optima heaters offer significant advantages to both users and installation professionals.

Optimizing gas discharge
Their short height facilitates the installation of longer vertical discharge tubes thus optimizing the discharge of combustion products (PDC)

Installation in confined spaces
The size of these units, with the smallest depth at the market (129mm for 5l models and 181mm for 10l ) means they can be installed in small spaces.

Easy installation
Their small size contributes to a better handling, making it easier for the professional in installation of the unit


The Optima range is born to contribute, by its use, to reduce energy consumptions. The absence of pilot light at all models, together with these outputs will fulfill it:

- Electronic ignition by battery
- Flow selector
- Manual Power selector (between 50% and 100%)


The Optima range includes the most effective safety systems:
- Flame control by ionization
- Control unit of TTB gas discharge 
- Protection dispositive from overheating the heat exchanger
- Anti-freezing security:  are equipped with a hydraulic drain valve, with easy access, that allows to empty completely the unit in the event of an imminent freeze, preventing any damages.

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Cointra Optima COB-5B 5LTR LPG Water Heater Complete With Flue Kit

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