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Regulators and Changeover Kits

Regulators and Changeover Kits
Capacity 1kg/hr. Maz inlet pressure 7.5bar. Operating pressure 28mbar. Nozzle outlet to suit 8mm ID hose. Approved to EN128642001. Inlet "Campingaz" Screw in.Please note this is not an Official Campingaz product, it is designed to suit Campingaz 901, 904 and 907 cylinder connections..
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HI-LO Propane cylinder gauge. With excess flow valve and thermal fuse.Excess flow Self Resetting Suitable for propane cylindersGives indication of cylinders content as well as indicating any gas leakage...
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Capacity 1.5kg/hr Max inlet pressure 20bar Operating pressure 37mbar Inlet Male UK POl 5/8" LH Handwheel connection Nozzle outlet to suit 8mm ID hose..
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4kg high demand propane regulator, 3/8" outlet 37mb...
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Changeover Regulator Upgrade KitUpgrade kit to increase installation of a 2 Cylinder Changeover Kit, to a 4 Cylinder Changeover KitKit Includes:2 x 35" excess flow & non-return pol 5/8" x W20 pigtails - Assembly made with black high-pressure hose to BS3212/2 or EN16436 (class 3). Both ends swage..
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Kit includes: Cylinder stand and outlet hose with Integrated Testpoint complete with 22mm Compression Outlet fittings.Specs:• Cylinder Changeover Pressure (PDI) 0.8bar• Outlet Pressure Adjustable: Yes• PRV: Yes• OPSO: Yes• EN13786 and fully compliant to new EN16129..
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The changeover automatically switches to the reserve cylinder when the pressure falls in the supply cylinder.The indicator arrow turns red when the system has changed over and points to the empty cylinder. The indicator turns white when turned towards the new service cylinder.A Twin stage, twin cyli..
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Cavagna Single stage regulator with resettable OPSOLow Pressure 37mb Propane cylinder regulator 4kg/h (55kW), featuring the LP gas circuit breaker. Low pressure cylinder regulator fitted with the latest consumer safety protection system required by the UK standards to cover all fixed pipework instal..
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