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Morco D61 Water Heater

Morco D61 Water Heater
Daiphram for the Morco Water Heater Water Control Valve...
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Drain Screw Kit for Morco D51 & OLD TYPE D61
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Kit comprising of a replacement water housing union (FW0260) and drain screw (FW0251) to replace the larger old type drain screw (FW0250)...
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Gas Control Knob (FW0097 )
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This product is only available in White...
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Morco D61 Heat Exchanger FW0033
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Heat Exchanger for Morco D61 and D61EFW0033..
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Morco Water Control Assembly D61B/D61E (FW0163) Not D51 Morco Water Control Assembly D61B/D61E (FW0163) Not D51
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D61B/E Water Control Assembly, Please Note the Water Filter (FW0271) is Supplied as a Seperate Part).This unit will not fit the D51 Morco Boiler..
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If fitting to replace an older 10mm drain plug. You must replace the inletunion(FW0260). Then refit the O ring from the old inlet union onto new one...
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Spark Electrode - Post Sept 1993 FW0291
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Only compatible with models that are; Post September 1993 and that have a Model Serial Number ending with 'B'. FW0291 ..
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Spark Generator (FW0485)
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